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Norton Security

Powerful Norton protection for your PCs, Macs®, smartphones and tablets

R 550.00

Norton Security with Backup

Powerful Norton protection, plus secure PC backup, for your family of PCs, Macs®, smartphones and tablets

R 800.00

More Norton Security software and services 

Norton Mobile Security

Powerful, effective protection for what matters most in your mobile world

R 299.00

1-year protection for 1 mobile device

Norton Online Backup 25 GB

Makes backing up your important files so fast and easy you'll actually do it

R 319.99

1 year of storage for up to 5 PCs

Norton Utilities™

Cleans up, tunes up and speeds up your PC

R 299.99

Tuneup for up to 3 PCs

Norton Family Premier

Help your kids enjoy the Internet safely

R 399.00

1 year subscription